Jake + Cassie || The Boatshed Karapiro

Photography by Christina Yamunanathan + Sheree Kershaw

Venue: The Boatshed Karapiro
Flowers: The Flower Patch
Make-up: Ruby Rouge
Dress: Bridal Gallery

Lets get to know Jake + Cassie a little better. We have asked Jake + Cassie a few questions.

Marque Brand studios: "How did you meet and how long have you been together?"

Cassie: Jake and I meet through a mutual friend (my boyfriend at the time). Jake had driven him over to my house and my car tyre had gone flat and it was during exams so Jake offered to drive me to my exams and pick me up again after as I didn’t have time to change my tyre and get to school on time. We keep in touch and got together a couple of years later, We have been together coming up 6 years.

Marque Brand studios: "Tell us about the proposal":

Cassie: Jake organised a trip to Wellington for us. On the first night there we went to dinner at the hotel restaurant, when it came time to ask for the bill Jake said he had to take a phone call from his step dad Jim. I (Cassie) got annoyed and couldn’t understand why he couldn’t tell him to call back once we had left the restaurant. Instead Jake left the table and disappeared.

Later on we were walking around the water front .. (it was freezing and windy .. typical Wellington) Jake asked if I wanted to sit down and I flat out refused I just wanted to get back to the Hotel. He convinced me to sit down and pointed out something across the water and while I was looking pulled the ring out of his jacket and asked me to marry him and be his life long partner.

Marque Brand studios: "What is the general theme for your wedding and are you doing anything a little different that we should know about?"

Cassie: We didn’t go with a particular theme I don’t think .. I think our theme was a wedding. Although our friends are all so important to us so we wanted them to feel like they were part of the day as well. This included having two of our close friends do a reading each and having Cassie’s God daughter do one as well. We had a Balloon release to signify the coming together us and building on our past and bringing together our families.

Marque Brand studios: "What do you like to do together as a couple?" 

Cassie: We love to have each other as company. Our favourite thing to do is probably to sit down with good friends and have dinner and watch a good movie.

Marque Brand studios: "Tell us one thing about the other person that you adore:"

Cassie: Jake is someone you can always rely on, if he says he will do something he will go to the ends of the earth to do it, or die trying! This is the same with caring about people if he loves you and cares about you, you feel like there is nothing else you need.

Jake: Cassie is a very loyal person, I feel so relaxed and comfortable in our relationship because of the total trust I have in her. 

Jake + Cassie thank-you so much for telling us all about how you meet, the proposal and the what you had envisaged for the wedding day. We thoroughly enjoyed your sun filled wedding day at The Boatshed.