Carl + Sarah || Sarnia Park

Photography by Christina Yamunanathan + Sheree Kershaw

Venue: Sarnia Park Boutique Lodge
Celebrant: Abbie Hyde - Marriage Celebrant
Dress: Astra Bridal
Photographer: Marque Brand Studios
Flowers: The Little Things

Carl + Sarah meet at a garage party back in 2010. Sarah really didn’t want to go to the party but her friend insisted she went with her. They ended up having the most fun ever. Carl and Sarah didn’t talk much that night, but there was a definite spark and that lead to further parties and then Sarah's friend put my phone number in Carl's phone as Sarah was too shy to even ask for his number. I guess this where they say the rest is all history.

The proposel: It was a beautiful sunny day on 19th December 2016, Carl and Sarah were heading over the hill to go walk up Mount Maunganui. They walked up it, and they've done this a few times before and they'd never looked around the top of the mountain, so Carl was taking Sarah to all sorts of spots (Sarah was thinking, this is weird), anyway they continued down, went for lunch, got a Copenhagen icecream & walked on the beach. Sarah says hours later they were sitting on the beach teasing each other about how she'd never want to marry Carl  so he just went ahead and asked right then and there. Sarah thought Carl was joking but he was deadly serious -  he even been to ask Sarah's parents the previous night. Sarah then cried tears of happiness. They then headed to the jewellers to pick out Sarah's beautiful rock.

The day of the wedding was a wee bit touch and go with the weather but that wasn't going to stop this wedding from taking centre stage. Sarah + Carl had chosen the date 11.11.2016 as this was when the wisteria was at its fullest and most stunning at Sarnia Park. The ceremony took place surround by the grand old Wisteria.  Together with the wisteria and the big black clouds a stunning backdrop had been created a for some dramatic pictures.